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Kia ora whanau!

Below are just a few snapshots of the most incredible fundraising events we organised earlier this month for the Vanuatu Music Revival Project running costs and Documentary.

It was like a mini festival!

I was humbled by the energy of those on stage and kept running out of the kitchen to catch a glimpse of the power that flooded the room from the stage to the stove.

Thank you Matiu Te Huki, Skyla Love, On Golden Wings, Ge Luz, Alex, James and friends for the live samba, Soul Samba Circus, Naomi, Hellen, Bo, Ina, Rod, Colette, Holly, DJ Belleville, Paul Jonson, The Nukes, Katie Richards and the Detales, Avon Hansen-Beadle, North of Bombay and all the other musicians in the bands for playing and singing for us and to Gabriela from the Brazilian Divas for her gorgeous samba dancing.

Especially those who joined the open mic and totally surprised us with your talent! Kia ora also Jeremy, Colette, Holly and Avon for being the most amazing helping hands behind the scenes and also to StuBen, John, Rod, Tim, and many others for helping prepare the food and decor at the fundraisers and to the awesome guys who run the Blockhouse Bay Boat club and Outram hall, who allowed us to fill their spaces with music and dance.  You’re legends!

We also had some generous sponsors come on board who donated what they could to help the events run, so a huge thank you to Ooooby (for the amazing organic salad ingredients), Eventfinda, The Saltings Estate winery, Purebread (for the yummy organic bread), Brickbay, Ransom Wines, Bulk Food Savings (for the nori), Herons Flight winery and Nosh (for more bread).

And lastly, I’d really like to acknowledge someone who you might not have seen, as he was working so hard in the kitchen preparing the most delicious sushi for you all, but Emiliano Tomas has been my partner in crime throughout this whole project and I truly couldn’t have done it without him. Kia ora Tomas.

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Without all those who attended and contributed, this would never have happened.    Next stop Vanuatu!

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