Vanuatu Music Revival Project September 3, 2015 | 0 Comment


We cannot take any more instruments this year for the Vanuatu Music Revival Project. The boats are full!

We are thrilled to take the seventy instruments that we have managed to collect, so much gratitude for all the donations.

Thanks also to last minute donors Neil Bruce from Hamilton for his guitar, thanks to Maureen Power for the five beautiful harmonicas, thanks to Falco via Rollon for the beautiful didge and to Avon’s friend for the gorgeous brand new blue guitar.

Next stop Vanuatu to distribute them and film the interactions and stories that come out of this project!

One boat has already arrived and delivered their instruments and others are sailing from Fiji right now.

The last catamaran is leaving Aotearoa in a few days, laden with around fifty instruments (what legends!!)…and we fly on Sunday to meet them all….. time to get back to the country of smiles…. more updates when we arrive!

Our documentary is in need of funding.  Please get in contact if you’d like to support us in whatever way you can.  Thanks!