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I’m excited to announce that my latest short film ‘AKAU’ is set to screen at the Resene Architecture and Design Film Festival in New Zealand in May/June 2016.

For those who cannot attend the festival, the film is available for free online here: https://vimeo.com/156887640
AKAU will be shown ahead of Waste Cooking, which is another fabulous social film about a topic I’m passionate about.

ĀKAU follows the journey of Te Teira, a student on the Akau design and architecture course based in Kaikohe that engages young people in the design of real projects. Two passionate young women Ana and Ruby nurture the students to bring out their strengths, ultimately offering pathways to a brighter future for the youth and their hometown. A project like this is something every town in Aotearoa could do with.

Akau could do with your support, so please visit their site: http://www.akau.co.nz/

Come see two inspiring films in one sitting!
They will screen on:
Sunday 8th May @3.40PM Rialto Newmarket (I’ll be at this one)
Sat 14 May @8.30PM Rialto Newmarket
Mon 20 June @ 8.15PM Rialto Dunedin

A huge thank you to Tomas Brescacin for his work and support on this film, to Ruby and Ana for being so accommodating and of course to Te Teira, whose growth as an individual over the year inspired me to keep filming!
Check out the festival program here: