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I can hardly believe we were amongst this explosion of colour, music and performance on the island of Mota Lava, northern Vanuatu in November of last year. We’d like to share a few stills with you, taken from the latest sequence I’m working on. It’s magical to relive this experience while editing, having the time to focus on details lost in the moment. Four Winds and Huia, two of the boats of the Drifting Circus (who were carrying our instruments) raced down the coast to Totolag, where we gave away the beach guitar donated by Kat Tunks to the local string band, who spent the afternoon jamming with musicians from the Drifting Circus along with the incredible Pillar of Fire Bamboo Band. It was possibly the hottest day we had, well over 40 degrees celsius, yet locals of all generations came to watch what unfolded when circus performers and musicians of all nationalities arrived on the remote shores of Mota Lava….. and what followed was beautiful to behold. The bamboo band has only been going for three years, having re-learnt this lost art form from some visiting musicians from the Solomon Islands. After watching a performance, they tried to re-create the instruments, coming up with their own versions and rhythms… Vanuatu style! I can’t wait to show you the moving images with the music itself! Thanks to Kat for donating the guitar, to the sailors on board Noalani who carried it safely that far and for the beautiful music shared by the locals and visiting artists. Nambawan! (The best!)

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Drifting circus playing


Alejo with his contact ball

Gifting to Totolag Mota Lava

Tomas juggling



nacho and locals


Nacho and Roddy

sailing race

Sailing race to totolag