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Feel like escaping the winter?

One of the best ways to help Vanuatu get back on it’s feet after the cyclone is to travel there and support their economy by going to the outer islands, immersing yourself in their culture, staying in their local bungalows, eating locally, exploring with local guides and watching the cultural practices of small communities. Vanuatu is incredibly diverse and rich in both culture and opportunities for adventure!
Or if you just want a quick luxurious trip away, both Efate and Espiritu Santo islands have amazing resorts to relax in…. if fact the later was not even affected by the cyclone at all.

Here is a short clip I made to encourage the return of tourism to this beautiful country, whilst filming our documentary and working on the musical aid mission ‘The Vanuatu Music Revival Project’.

Click here to view ‘Sounds of Vanuatu
Please share it, and why not take a trip to paradise yourself?
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