We all go a little wilder when we think no one is watching.

Dancing in the Dark sheds light on the transformative power of dance.

Director: Rowena Baines       Producer: Paula Jones      Starring: Peter Vosper

I’m proud to have made this film for Loading Docs 2015.  It was selected to be screened at the New Zealand International Film Festival 2015 and is currently screening on Air New Zealand inflight entertainment.


When dancer Peter Vosper takes to the streets he literally lights up the dark.
Dressed head to toe in black he merges into the night. But when he puts on
his mask and flicks a switch the magic begins.
From his tiny workshop on Auckland’s K’ Rd, Peter playfully dances his way to
his favourite Monday Night haunt ’No Lights No Lycra’.
Here he illuminates what happens when the lights go off, the music kicks in
and a hundred closet exhibitionists let loose. In a vacuum of light they lose
their inhibitions and their core spirit is allowed to play.